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Studiedagar för engelsklärare – augusti 2011

I Malmö (8/8), Göteborg (9/8) och Stockholm (11/8)
Heldags program arrangeras av Utbildningsstaden tillsammans med
Cambridge University Press och Oxford University Press

Program (ca 9–16)

Martin Parrot:  Grammar, correctness and language evolution: What not to teach?
What is ‘Standard’ English? What is ‘correct’ English? How is English changing? This talk looks at what should or should not be included in materials for classroom use and in reference materials for learners and teachers. Participants will be invited to study and comment on examples of language use and I will be honest about decisions I have made.

Samantha Lewis: Get your teens talking!

How can I support my teenage students during speaking activities? How can I motivate them to communicate in English? How can I make them feel more confident with the speaking skill? If you’re interested in the answer to any of these questions then come along to this workshop / talk. Reflect on the issues and participate in activities to help your students become more successful at interactive communication in English.

Fler program punkter publiceras inom kort.

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Måndag 8 augusti IBIS Hotel Malmö   390 kr + moms inkl kaffe och lunch       
Tisdag 9 augusti Pedagogen Göteborg  390 kr + moms inkl kaffe och lunch     
Torsdag 11 augusti Försvarshögskolan 390 kr + moms inkl kaffe och lunch 

I priset ingår förmiddagskaffe samt lunch (säg till om du vill ha vegetariskt). Moms tillkommer.

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